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Beijing: Greatest Wall On Earth

Part 3 of my Beijing trip series

When you are in China, one can never miss going is perhaps one of the historically famous landmarks on earth, The Great Wall Of China or should i call it "The Great Wall On Earth". It was built centuries ago by the emperor of China during the Qin Dynasty, Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi. The wall served as a barricade that kept off attackers. The wall was put together by people who resided there, along with criminals and the soldiers themselves. The great wall stretches up to 8,851.8 km. That is really really really long. I can't imagine how long they took. The people who built it deserve our every respect. Salute! Anyway, we didn't cover 8,851.8 km. I think we only covered 6 km (that's like 0.06% of the whole of great wall distance) of the wall which is quite an achievement for me :)

Me and Tom from UK at JinShanling Great Wall
Jenny from Canada on the same Great Wall tour with us
Me with a VIEW

How did we get there? Well we booked a tour bus from our hostel to the Great Wall itself for 280 yuan per person. There are many sections of the Great wall which you can start from; the most notable one is the Badaling but given to its popularity and is the most traveled section and the wall was quite well-restored over the years for tourist comfort, i wasn't particularly interested. To me old is beautiful and Jinshanling was the perfect section where you get to see the original ruin with debris still remains and non-restored of the Great Wall. There were barely anyone when we went there but we met a group of locals from a chinese company having some excursion. We walked through rugged stairs, destroyed watch towers and incomplete wall barriers with a view of the desert grassland and hills; the experience was breath-taking.

One of the ruins of the watchtower
Locals from a chinese firm taking part in a game festivity at the Great Wall
We encountered this local playing around with his home-made helicopter. We didn't wait till it take off though

When you are walking, it doesn't feel like a normal walk but a "GREAT" walk and our exhaustion doesn't not seem to stop us from carrying on. Did i tell you I sprained my ankle? At that moment i felt angry and frustrated because it was very cold at that time and we were in the middle of the great wall and my companions probably barely have the strength to carry me towards the end. But at some point, miraculously, my ankle pain just gradually disappeared and i was so shocked. I must really thank GOD for his healing and blessing.

After 4 hours of trailing the great wall, we finally reached the end. i never thought i would be here in my life and its listed in the seven wonders of the world. I must thank my travel buddy from Singapore, Tom and Jenny from UK and Canada whom we met during our great wall tour and of course our humble and soft-spoken tour guide who lives near the great wall.

My travel buddy, me, Tom, Jenny and our local guide. Thanks for the great time.
Our camera-shy Great Wall guide

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