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Beijing's Famous Duck

Beside all the sight-seeing and photo-taking in Beijing, there is always a word that naturally and spontaneously comes to every men mind: "HUNGRY" or "FOOD". In Beijing, there is no such thing as difficult to find an authentic Chinese restaurant. I'm not a food critic or expert as long as the food taste good and juicy, i'm more than happy about it. As we wandered around Beijing, we found a couple of interesting food places like the famous Quanjude restuarant which serve probably the best peking duck in the world, meat dumpling and Wangfujing night market where you can find all kinds bizarre food here. That's right! Bizarre!! You know those creepy crawling disgusting little creatures or exotic wild animals like snakes meat or starfish. i didn't get to taste all those though because i don't have the courage :) But if you do, be my guest and do tell me how was it feel to eat something that is out of ordinary by commenting on my blog below :)

It was a bright cold afternoon and me and my travel buddy head to find China's treasure dish, peking duck. Its a dish that no other restaurant in the world can replicate it. Rumor has it, they used some sort of special wood to heat up the duck which eventually led to the crispiness of the duck. We found the restaurant after 30 mins of walking from the Tiananmen square and is about 5 mins walk from Hepingmen metro station. Is called Quanjude or "全聚德" in chinese character. There are couple of branches in Beijing and they have franchises in Hong Kong and Australia but none can match the ones in Beijing.

The entrance of Quanjude at Hepingmen district

Once we were inside, we went straight for the peking duck. We chose the whole duck instead of a half. We then went for other side dishes which include Spring roll with duck meat and vegetable with abanlone together with a fresh Chinese tea. Total price was about 400 yuan = 80 SGD!! That was so affordable!! The side dish turned to be quite alright but the peking duck was the star of the meal. The crispiness of skin was so awesome i could just eat it without any rice or steamed pancake to accompany. The duck meat was juicy and smooth. Seriously it was the best duck i ever tasted in my life. It's no surprise the restaurant sold 2 million peking ducks annually.

So if you are in Beijing, don't wait to go try the peking duck because is a food you definitely cannot miss it before you leave this world.

Crispy Duck Spring Roll (left photo) and Peking Duck
My peking duck with scallion, chinese sweet sauce and Abanlone wrapped with steamed pancake. YUM YUM!!

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