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Thailand: Ayutthaya Kingdom Part II

Wat Mahathat

This is a 2 part series of my trip to Ayutthaya Kingdom, if you have not read my Thailand: Ayutthaya Kingdom Part I Please click here..

Our next stop is one of Thailand's most important and oldest buddhist temple, Wat Mahathat. Is very much unlike the Grand palace you visited in Bangkok where everything is in perfect "golden condition".

Wat Mahathat temple ruins

Wat Mahathat is a ruin filled with large crumbling stupas surrounded by low laterite walls and rows of headless Buddhas. When you are inside, it feels like you are being teleported to another world. What i love about this place is that is calm and quiet and not very touristed area, though they are considered 1 of top tourist attractions in Thailand.


One more thing you shouldn't miss out when you are there is the famous "Lord-Buddha-Head-in-the-tree-root". I don't know how or why the Buddha head is in the tree. However when you take pictures with it, try to position your body lower than the buddha head or it might bring back luck.

Entrance fee is 50 bhat and it closes at 5pm.

This is a place you definitely must visit !!!

Me and my travel buddies at Wat Mahathat

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Our third and final stop before we head back Bangkok, we arrived at Wat Chaiwatthanaram just in time before the ticket office closed for the day. It was a royal temple used by the King to perform ceremonies. Sadly, it was destroyed after the Burmese invasion and this is all that left.

The temple sits right in the middle of the plain grass field and the ruin is just simply amazing - I think the best of all the temples i have seen. Even though it was destroyed, the beauty of the debris and the temple crack remains.

Photo-taking, playing hide-seek or having a picnic on a grass pad with the panoramic view of the temple ruin in front of you etc, whatever you want to do to make your trip there an enjoyable one, this what makes Wat Chaiwatthanaram a great temple to explore.

The entrance fee is 50bhat which i find it ridiculously high for foreign visitor. Closing time is at 5pm (same for all other temples in Ayutthaya City).



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