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Paris with lots of love

Finally the day i have always been waiting for - traveling to the city of romance, Paris. It was a day like no other. Unfortunately i could only spend 2 days there due to my flight leaving for Singapore from London in 3 days time. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic city which is beyond beautiful. It was quite chilling, not the kind of cold i have experienced when i was in Beijing. Paris is a city for all ages and all lovers!! Too bad i'm still single but if i had a girlfriend the very first country i would bring her is Paris. Anyway, i stayed in Novotel hotel. The room is simply elegant in every way. Of course, its no where near Paris precious iconic monument, the Eiffel tower.

Though the city's beauty present itself, the traffic is alot worst. Their metro on the other hand still retain the nostalgic ambient. The tunnel walkway is kind of small but when you walk through it, you kind of had this comfortable and "reliving yourself in an old memory" feeling. However, human traffic wasnt that friendly. It seems like everyone is rushing to somewhere all the time just like Singapore. Nevertheless, Paris is one of the greatest place to visit on earth. I didn't manage to go up the tower as the queue was way to long and was being told by one of staff members that it may take 3 hours in order for me to get in. 2 days wasn't enough for me so i had to rush to go the more popular places. i also did a river cruise around Paris which allow me to view all the famous site of Paris with ease :) If you are heading to Paris give yourself more time over there and try not to think of everything is expensive there because there isn't anything cheap in Paris. Bon Voyage! :)

The best place for a perfect shot with yourself and the Eiffel tower- everyone knows it

The Arc de Triumph aka The Arch of Triumph

Paris metro station in the early afternoon was pretty quiet

Me on a river cruise around Paris. It was an hour boat ride and it was perfect for seeing all of Paris famous monument.

Everyone one is crazy over LV brand - LV store in downtown Paris

Me inside louvre museum - The famous Mona Lisa portrait is displayed in louvre.

Outside louvre museum

France famous dish, Escargots or snail dish. It looks disgusting to your eyes but it actually tasted excellent. Is pretty expensive though.

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